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Seth Myers Is Right About Many Things [VIDEO]

· Candidates,Bernie Sanders,Hillary Clinton

What we want to know is who the heck told her this was good strategy for recovering her popularity, or for that matter, why was this good for the democratic party's unity know, the party she claims to love?

Like it or not, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders did win almost 47% of the Democratic Primary Vote. In Torrance County, Bernie beat Hillary. This is pretty seismic, even if the party elite want to ignore this electoral statistic. We agree with Seth Myers. This was not helpful to our mutual collaboration, nor was it true.

Mrs. Clinton, you set the tone for your distance from the working and struggling Americans by making your first event in New Mexico, a $2300 per person Breakfast. This was bad strategy and optics in a state with nearly 50% of its total population on Medicaid and state rankings for almost everything in the bottom of the toilet. Your campaign even made us pay for your campaign signs!

If anything, it showed us two things, you and the elite of our state party were woefully tone deaf about the depth of human suffering that was going on in New Mexico. This indifference to working families and continuance of the Super Delegate System and the Electoral College has got to go. If not, the Democratic Party will continue to fail. It's time to move on Madam.

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