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In A Democratic Republic, Respect Is Earned!

· Trump,Republicans

By Margarita Mercure Hibbs, Rural Advocate

Our Country Was Founded On Clear Principles & Ideals; For Example, Freedom Of Speech & A Free Press, To Be Free Of Imperial Authoritarianism.

Even President Trump, before he was President, promoted the 'Birtherism' lies about President Obama for nearly 8 years, and many on the Right promoted signs accusing Obama of many untrue things, including effigies of President Obama, hanging from a noose. Now President Trump wants people to stop criticizing him because he is the 'President' and his office deserves a free pass without criticism. It is the height of hypocrisy and gall for people in his corner to claim that he has 'suffered more than any other president in the history of all time'.

Truth is truth and no amount of denying reality, (ie. Day #1 of President Trump's term, #CrowdSize) by claiming anything that they don't like, as fake, makes it so. President Trump is not a King. The United States is not a monarchy, wherein we are forced to bow and grovel at the King's feet.....not yet.

Respect for the office is fine, but expecting respect for the man who has proven, by his own actions that he is not worthy, is not a given. Respect is earned in a Free Democratic Republic, and that is what we are supposed to be. Democracy is messy, let's all do better.

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