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Cynical Civics 101 - Politicians Too Big For Their Britches

Fall Aspens in the Pecos

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It's a standard experience for many of us who participate or navigate in politics; some politicians know you when they need you and forget you when they think they don't need you anymore. Unless of course, you have tons of money. Until we get 'Big Money Out', those of you who have money, will continue to get their attention. Note to the Donor Class, you really ought to be concerned about the fact that some of these politicians are not very nice to the many of us without money.

In some instances, with only one term in office, they quickly forget who helped them and where they came from. It's not pretty, but it happens. This page is going to focus on the 'Public Servants' who never forget who they serve and remember that their service is supposed to be as egalitarian as possible, despite personalities or money. Lord knows, there are lots of personalities. The fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter whether they like me, you or anyone in their constituency, or not, they are elected to serve.

When it comes to the political party that carried them, they should try to remain loyal to the party, as long as they are loyal to country first. There is never a guarantee of this in either direction. At the very least they should never forget that the good of the citizens must be front and center.

Disloyalty to the people and their party are not necessarily exclusive, but forgetting who helped them get up in the world, is truly a cardinal rule that shouldn't be rewarded. Sometimes our politicians should be primaried, but often aren't because it's considered sacrilege or 'Taboo'. Those who want a 'jerk' primaried are quickly marginalized by the party establishment, and we end up stuck with the 'jerk'..... for a long time, or until they die or move on to bigger and better.

Generally speaking, short of murder and child abuse, 'jerks' get rewarded and move up the chain and the system supports this journey. The system of political work welcomes sycophants and most politicians love to have their rears kissed. People like me won't do that and now most of us know how to follow the money to keep politicians honest. As you might imagine, political elites don't really like it that we can do this now. (

Bigger experts than me will tell you that Narcissists and Sociopaths are endemic to the political world and the structural sycophancy supports the egos involved, until they get exposed for some egregious event. Although of late, we see more 'political beasts' getting away with murder......until they don't, but it has to be 'huge'. This explains some of the reasons why so many bad politicians don't get primaried, when maybe they should.

These experiences are so familiar that in fact, American Citizens know and see with their own eyes that wealthy people rarely go to jail, or serve in the military. The wealthy often suffer from 'Affluenza' or foot spurs. These special accommodations for special people have become so common that the some of us have stopped believing in the power of our vote, the value of our relationships and our importance to our political community and the public servants who are supposed to serve us all. Lo and behold, we have Trump and we now see the results of that ugly part of civic participation or lack thereof.

So here's to the good public servants, whoever you are. May you live well, healthy and long as you're authentic, persistent and honest. Notice, I didn't say perfect. After all, we're all human.

Citizens everywhere, reward the good public servants. Start telling leadership when the bad ones are doing bad and let's get rid of them. Bad actors should be shown the door into another career path. Silence allows the bad to continue and leaves people with the impression that you're supporting the bad.

Good governance requires basic decency, patience and persistence in all things; voting, community organizing, public policy and principled party development. Let's hope that our leaders take on their responsibility as accountable leaders. Remember, we're planting seeds and cultivating grassroots for a good and worthy harvest for the greater good, not the select few.

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