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History and Contempt Is Being Repeated Before Our Very Eyes

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Op-ed by Margarita Mercure Hibbs, Rural Advocate

Today, CNN and rest of the media world recorded the ejection of Disabled American citizens from their national capital, for having the nerve to protest the Republican Healthcare Plan as it was released today. This is what Nazi Germany did first......before they went after the Jews....they began to silence protestors and then they got rid of the broken, the different and the disabled. Nobody talks about that, but that is what Hitler's Germany did.

Our President and his GOP Leadership are demonstrating to the world that they despise the vulnerable, the poor, the broken, the disabled, and the ethnic. They no longer care if we see their contempt and pretending to be kind or compassionate are not an option. I guess they figure that to pretend to be caring is impossible to portray, even for them.
With every unjust judicial outcome, they prove that it is dangerous and expensive to be Brown, Black, Red, Yellow, Broken in Body or Spirit or Poor in America. The NRA just proved with their silence over a lawfully, licensed and registered gun owner like African American, Philando Castile can be killed without consequence. They offer us each other as convenient scapegoats. They encourage our separation and division. Why are we falling for this? If we become one, they lose.

Everyone, remember this important fact; it was CNN, Morning Joe, and the rest of mainstream media that legitimized Trump with the highest amount of unpaid media of any campaign ever, in the history of this country. For years, they've cultivated the notion that the provable lies of the Extreme Right can be floated by spokespeople, for as long as possible, under the guise of ‘fair and balanced, you decide’. On top of that, the media pays these spinners and weavers of lies, to do just that; spin and lie, as if lies have a benefit to the citizens in the delivery of news. Truth is truth, whether you like it or not.
They nurtured and developed this environment of division and greed that in the end brought us the arrogance and flagrant ethical challenges of Trump, McConnell & Ryan. Anyone who flies in the face of their dishonesty or programming will be vilified or marginalized. The purveyors of the 'Establishment' who claim that we all need to calm down and normalize, are complicit. These arrogant and rude people of Trumpworld, count on our cowardice and polite passivity. Silence is agreement.
In the end, we have all been played. This Republican Healthcare Plan, they are now claiming, is Obamacare Lite. This is a lie. With the repeal, we will see close to 2 Million people lose their jobs in the Healthcare industry. In New Mexico, at least 31,000 jobs are going to be lost within the first 5 - 10 years. This healthcare issue represents 1/6th of our national economy and McConnell wants to pass this bill with only 51 votes, no debate, no amendments and only one week to read.

They have pushed a huge lie about ObamaCare’s passage and the mainstream media allowed the lie to stand all this time; ‘ObamaCare was rammed down our throats without our consent.’ The facts, as recorded by the Congressional Records prove the following; 160 hours of Debate, 100 Committee Hearings and 171 Amendments from the opposite party, which took 1.5 years to pass. The TrumpRyan Plan is nothing short of egregious tax cuts for the top 2% and $800+ Billions in cuts to Medicaid and most certainly, the extermination of our vulnerable, on the installment plan. I will not be silent. Will you?

About the Author: Margarita Mercure Hibbs works in and out of the political party system as an elected Chair for the Torrance County Democratic Party. She is a small business artist in Estancia, NM. A native of New Mexico, she brings a long record of service to rural communities and social development as co-founder, contributing writer, and media direction for several progressive online websites and organizations, such as Our Revolution New Mexico and Frack Free Four Corners.


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