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2016 New Mexico

Progressive Candidates

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Maggie Toulouse Oliver (D) 
Secretary of State, NM

t: @ClerkMaggie 
f: @Maggie4NM 

s: Democracy For America

Maggie has served as Bernalillo County Clerk since 2007 and has made protecting the right to vote, improving the integrity of the election process and ensuring accountable leadership her top priorities. Recognizing the need for important reforms to New Mexico's campaign finance and electoral systems that allow for transparency and accountability in government, Maggie has been an outspoken advocate for the establishment of a Statewide Ethics Commission and an overhaul of how campaign contributions are tracked, reported and audited. (Source)

Jerry Ortiz-y Pino (D) 
State Senate, NM, 12th District
(Incumbent, 2016)

t: @JerryForNM 
f: @jerry.o.pino 


Gerald P. "Jerry" Ortiz y Pino is a Democratic member of the New Mexico Senate, representing the 12th District since 2005. He succeeded Richard Romero, a fellow Democrat who ran for Congress (NM-1) in 2002 & 2004 and for mayor of Albuquerque in 2009. Was unopposed for reelection in 2008. Has written a recurring column, which appeared in the Weekly Alibi alternative publication in the Albuquerque area through 2012, and now appears in the ABQ Free Press biweekly alternative paper. He has proposed an amendment to the New Mexico Constitution allowing the governor to fill vacancies in the Lieutenant Governor's office with appointments approved by the State Senate. The proposal appeared on the 2008 general election ballot. (Source)

Cisco McSorley (D) 
State Senate, NM, 16th District
(Incumbent, 2016)

t: @SenatorCisco 
f: @CiscoMcSorleyNM 


Cisco McSorley was first elected to the New Mexico House of Representatives in 1984. While in the house he was appointed to various committees including Judiciary, Agriculture, Energy and Natural Resources, and numerous interim committees. During the majority of that time he was vice chair of Judiciary and served as chairman of Judiciary in his last term in the House. In 1996 Mr. McSorley was elected to the New Mexico Senate where he serves today. He has served on the Judiciary committee as both vice chair and chair and has served as vice chair of the Cultural and Indian Affairs Committee. In his time in the New Mexico Legislature he has championed public education, including higher education, public health issues, reform of the criminal justice system from incarcerating the mentally ill to treatment, ending the war on drugs, the environment, civil liberties and civil rights. He is the major sponsor of the Hard Rock Mining Bill of New Mexico and the Subdivision Act. He also passed the hate crimes bill, and the anti discrimination bill that included Gays, and Transsexuals. He is most proud of his work improving the funding formula for the University of New Mexico and securing funding for programs in the Latin American program. (Source)

Howey Morales (D) 
State Senate, NM, 28th District
(Incumbent, 2016)

t: @Morales4NM 
f: @Morales4NM 


Henry "Howie" C. Morales is a Democratic member of the New Mexico Senate, representing the 28th District since 2008. The 28th District serves Catron, Grant, and Socorro counties. Since joining the Senate in 2008, he has continued to stand up for New Mexicans with legislation that has protected the best interest of his constituents and advocated for improvements to our healthcare systems, including services for veterans, senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities. Senator Morales is recognized statewide as a champion for children, families, and educators as he works to transform New Mexico’s Public Education System. As a member of the powerful Legislative Finance Committee, Health and Human Services Committee, Legislative Education Study Committee, former Chairman of the Economic and Rural Development Committee, Public School Capital Outlay Oversight Task Force, New Mexico Finance Oversight, and the Disabilities Concerns Subcommittee. (Source)

G. Andrés Romero (D) 
State Representative, NM, 10th District
(Incumbent, 2016)

t: @AndresRomeroNM 
f: @RomeroForDistrict10 


As a state legislator, Andrés will be a strong and vocal advocate for the many issues that pertain to District 10, including education, employment and the environment. He is committed to work to maximize learning opportunities for students from early childhood to college and beyond, promote adult education growth opportunities and ensure that financial opportunities exist for every student. Andrés will work diligently to provide in-state employment opportunities for graduating students, sustain and create quality employment within District 10, and encourage local hiring practices. He will also preserve and protect the quality of life in the district, maintain and enhance the unique characteristics of Los Padillas, Pajarito, Valley Gardens, Mountain View, South Broadway, San Jose, Kirtland Addition and Bullhead Park area/Siesta Hills, the communities within District 10. (Source)

Margarita Hibbs (D) 
Candidate for Torrance County Treasurer
f: @MargaritaHibbsTreasurer


Margarita is a native New Mexican, with deep ties to our culture and land. Her father, Alex Mercure, spent the better part of his life fighting for working people, including farmers, ranchers, and families who lived in small, rural communities. Along with her mother, he was Margarita's most influential mentor, her moral compass, and role model. Growing up she had one continual lesson on how to live a life serving others and the greater good.

Margarita has spent the last 21 years in Estancia, She's been honored to work alongside her husband, Martin “Marty” Hibbs, her children, and other inspiring individuals, organizations, and agencies, as she continues her families legacy of public service. Through the years, Margarita learned that in order to successfully advance and sustain positive changes in our communities, we must also be supported by elected leaders who are innovative, compassionate, selfless, and honest — leaders who share the values of the communities they represent, and who truly listen and respond to the needs of those communities. (Source)

Antonio "Moe" Maestas (D) 
State Representative, NM, 16th District
(Incumbent, 2016)

t: @RepMoe 
f: @repmoemaestas 


Rep. Maestas is the Majority Whip serving his 4th term representing the heart of Albuquerque’s growing west side. As a freshman legislator, Rep Maestas was responsible for financial literacy classes in every NM high school and for the passage of New Mexico’s Medical Marijuana legislation. Rep. Maestas is at the forefront of criminal justice reform in New Mexico, pushing for alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders and ratcheting back the failed war on drugs.
This past session Rep. Maestas championed the “Breaking Bad” bill which welcomed back the film industry to New Mexico and was the prime sponsor and great compromiser of a major tax reform package culminating five years of political struggle from both ends of the political spectrum. (Source)

Nancy Marie Bearce 
County Treasurer, NM, Bernalillo
f: @Nancy4CoTreasurer 

Nancy Marie Bearce, daughter of Marie Rodriguez y Esparza and Boyden Bearce, grew up in Alamogordo, NM, left for college and career and returned to Albuquerque in her home state in 1999. She is a neighborhood leader with a background in government. Nancy has successfully administrated two of the largest public budgets for New Mexico employees and their families. She has also worked in the state’s General Services and Human Services departments. (Source)

Rudy Martinez (D) 
State Representative, NM, 39th District

t: @RMartinezNM39 
f: @rudy.martinez.1441810 

Rudy is a Vietnam veteran who was born in southern New Mexico. He's been employed at Chino Mines for 33 years and is a licensed journeyman and member of IBEW local 611. Rudy served 8 years as Councilman and 8 years as Mayor for the city of Bayard, NM. From 2007-2014 he serves as NM State Representative District 39.

Rudy believes in the need to support our teachers, support public education and the development of an approach to education that meets the needs of our State and he supports early childhood education. He is committed to ensuring that our failed corporate tax structure ends and he sees a need to invest in the basic infrastructure for economic growth, clean energy, highways and worker education and training. With the high rates of military volunteerism come high volumes of veterans with unmet needs. He will work to bring improved benefits for veterans. Rudy strongly believes that we must protect and preserve one of our most valuable resources “WATER”. (Source)

From Our Revolution: Rudy is an experienced legislator who has served as a state representative, councilman, mayor and county commission chairman. Throughout his years of public service, Rudy has fought for improving early childhood public education, providing more support for teachers and creating an education system that meets the needs of the state. In recognition of New Mexico having the lowest job growth in the nation, Rudy will spark economic growth through investing in infrastructure, clean energy alternatives and worker education.

Elizabeth Thomson (D) 
State Representative, NM, 24th District

t: @lizthomsonnm 
f: @Elizabeth-Thomson-for-NM-House-24-261180410637092 

As a pediatric physical therapist, Liz has spent her career helping kids overcome disabilities and build bright futures. In her work with the New Mexico Autism Society, Liz Thomson worked hard to help families thrive despite a wide range of challenges. And her efforts to reduce drunk driving fatalities in New Mexico led to her being named a Legislative Champion by Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

In her campaign for the State House, Liz Thomson is continuing her dedication to local priorities by emphasizing solutions to the key challenges facing her community and her state. Her top goals are increasing early childhood education, continuing the fight to reduce drunk driving in New Mexico, and providing funding for crucial women’s health care services including mammograms and cancer screenings. (Source)

From Our Revolution: Elizabeth is heavily involved in local activism and charity work through the New Mexico Autism Society and efforts to reduce drunk driving fatalities. As State Representative, she wants to end corruption in Santa Fe by prohibiting legislators from becoming lobbyists for two years after leaving office and making committee meetings available online to increase transparency. She understands the need to invest in schools, and supports universal early childhood education, class size reduction and pay increases for educators. Additionally, Elizabeth supports pay increases for public safety officers and will request that New Mexico’s federal delegation enact the Violence Against Women Act.

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